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Head of Department: Prof. Ph.D. Ljubka Georgieva

Laboratory “Cryobiology and biopreparations”

  • carries out scientific and applied researches in general cryobiology;
  • studies the processes of heat and mass transfer in biological objects, subjected to freeze-drying;
  • develops specific methods and technologies for cryogenic preservation of various in type, composition and designation biological materials of plant and animal origin;
  • carries out cryopreservation of blood products, tissues, cellular materials of animal and plant origin, and studies their biophysical characteristics;
  • creates and studies new types of cryoprotective substances;
  • develops, experiments and implements biopreparations for the medical and veterinary-medical practice;
  • carries out controlling chemical, microbiological and toxicological analyses of the produced biopreparations.

Laboratory “Lyophilization and specialized foods”

  • carries out scientific researches in the field of lyophilization of biological materials and foods;
  • creates methods for long-term cryopreservation of foods and bioproducts;
  • carries our researches, experiments and implementation of cryoprotectors of various origin for the production of lyophilized foods, including probiotics;
  • applies modern biotechnological methods of incorporating of specialized lyophilized functional bioproducts (biologically active materials, enzymes, microorganisms of different origin);
  • develops prescription formulas and technologies for production of various in type, composition, energy content and designation lyophilized food concentrates – in the form of powder, granules, tablets, and completed modules and menus for intake of food in extraordinary conditions;
  • develops and implements functional lyophilized foods and bioproducts for bioprophylaxis of socially significant diseases and for professionally preventive nutrition;

Laboratory “Cryogenic an refrigerating equipment”

  • carries out automatic and manual control and regulation of vacuum freeze-drying;
  • in charge of the good working condition and the operation mode of the specialized equipment for scientific-experimental manufacturing of lyophilized products;
  • carries out maintenance, prophylaxis and repair of the cryogenic, vacuum, freeze-drying and refrigerating equipment;
  • lyophilizes raw materials and foodstuff of external customers /assignors/ - for expeditions, clinics, advertising, specialized exhibitions, training and others;
  • ensures a long-term, quality storage of the biological materials and is responsible for their delivery to the designation.



The ICFT is granted an institutional accreditation for Ph.D. education for 4 scientific subjects: Technology of fish and meat products, Technology of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Technology of biologically active substances and Technology of processing and storage of grain, grain products and mixtures.

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1407 Sofia, Bulgaria

53 Cherni Vrah Blvd.

tel.: +359 2 8681363

+359 2 8683352

+359 2 9556471


fax: +359 2 8683373



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